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About Dusty Sandals

Dusty Sandals is a team of highly motivated and gifted people situated around the globe.
We are engaged in supporting and visiting our colleagues, partners, brothers & sisters in India and Nepal.
They provide Biblical resources in the local languages and show the love of Christ to their neighbours by promoting education, health, and community development.
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Stories From The Trenches

Musahar Fellowship

A Unique People

A Musahar village, Wazitpur, in Bihar state, was in the news over their situation. Our ministry partner, Konnect, visited this village and learned about the huge need for basic education for children wandering without hope. Here is their report:

The villagers requested us to educate their children. The Lord provided resources and we started an informal school for these Musahar kids. 45 of them are now regularly attending and learning basics at Konnect Education Centre. We are identifying talented and interested kids for further studies. We will assist them to get admission in a formal school, and, with God’s provision, help them register for higher education.

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Ways To Help

Pray For Dusty Sandals

Pray for the ongoing provision of Biblical Resources in the 460 living languages of India.

Pray for grace and wisdom for all the Indian and Nepali partners of Dusty Sandals as they seek to bear the name and fragrance of Christ to all they meet.

Support Dusty Sandals

Much of Dusty Sandals work depends on funds from its supporters.

We encourage you to give generously to enable Dusty Sandals continue to grow its ministry and outreach, blessing our brothers and sisters in India and Nepal as well as those who have yet to embrace God’s grace and salvation.

Attend An Event

EE Global Ministries plans and hosts several Partner Events, such as Partner Dinners, etc., on behalf of Dusty Sandals to raise funds and help many know and be involved in their ministry.

Contact Siang Chiang by email HERE or by phone, 604 726 2010, to know and plan to attend the next Dusty Sandals Partner event.


Building A Partnership

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How Do We Do This?

All our translation is done by qualified South Asian personnel who have a heart to serve the Lord in their country.

The quality of our work has recently been recognized by Summer Institute of Linguists and Wycliff teams in India and is being used by them as a resource for translation to other languages.

Dusty Sandals is dedicated to the followers of Christ who walk the streets and pathways of South Asia, serving their country by offering the “living water”.

This is only possible with help from generous supporters like you.


EE Global Ministries fundraises on behalf of Dusty Sandals as they aim to uplift and encourage South Asian followers of Christ in their work and to enable their work through translation of Bible study materials into local languages.

Dusty Sandals also reaches out to marginalized, poor and disadvantaged in the societies of India and Nepal.

Send your Dusty Sandals donation to:

and you will receive an official charitable donation receipt from them by the end of next February.