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About Global Children's Network

By supporting Global Children’s Network you are supporting children’s missionaries and parents worldwide in connecting kids to local Christian communities where they’ll hear about Jesus, often for the first time, and are raised as next generation disciples.
We call this the "Parent Pastor Partnership"
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A Gift to global Children’s Network is a gift to children all over the world.


Stories From The Trenches

Pakistan Leaders Being Trained

Pakistan Leaders Receive Training

In Pakistan, GCN have recently trained 130 church leaders in the province of KPK (Khyber Phakhutun Khawan) which has almost 30 districts. They have begun the work of starting Malachi Kids Clubs there and asked for our prayers as they have a long way to go.

Happy Kids Posing

Happy Kids

Watch Dr Jack Eggar, Founder and President of Global Children’s Network, share how they have been helping thousands of churches with their pastors, leaders and congregations resulting in more than 1 million children and youth trained in discipleship.

Thank God that 535 Malachi Kids’ Leadership Training Conferences were held, and 30,688 pastors and leaders were trained in 2022. We also saw 901,595 children and teens trained in discipleship in 10,627 churches where active Malachi kids clubs were raising the next generation leaders.


Ways To Help

Pray For Global Children's Network (GCN)

GCN missionaries to be empowered to train pastors and parents in raising children disciples in the churches and homes and share the Good News with 1 million children around the world.

Churches and families to be well equipped through the GCN discipleship programs, Malachi Kids Club (MKC) and Malachi Family Club (MFC).

Pastors and parents to work tightly and focussed, in Pastor-Parent Partnership, on developing and training children as next generation disciples and leaders.

Support Global Children's Network

Know & embrace the vision of GCN in the light of the Great Commission and support GCN ministry through giving and/or volunteering of their time and resources.

Much funds are needed and may they be met to support GCN missionaries to carry out the important task of training pastors and parents, so they can disciple 1 million children globally.

Attend An Event

EE Global Ministries plans and hosts several Partner Events, such as Partner Dinners, Golf Tournaments, etc., on behalf of GCN, to raise funds and help many know and be involved in GCN ministry.

Contact Siang Chiang by email HERE or by phone, 604 726 2010, to know and plan to attend the next GCN Partner event.

Sign Up For A Vision Trip

EE Global Ministries also plans and coordinates GCN Vision Trips (VT) to various GCN fields in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The first VT was to GCN Costa Rica, Feb 28 - March 8. The next VT is scheduled for Nov 2-8, 2023 to follow-up with Queen Ana and her BriBri Nation plans in Costa Rica.


Building A Partnership

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Your Gift:

Equips the Church and families through discipleship programs like the Malachi Kids Club (MKC) and Malachi Family Club (MFC).

Empowers missionaries to train pastor and parents in raising disciples in the homes and share the Good News with children around the world.

Help Us Reach More Children!

Support the next generation of disciples by sending in a gift to Global Children’s Network today!


EE Global Ministries fundraises on behalf of Global Children's Network as they aim to serve 1 million children around the world to know, love and serve Jesus. They do this through empowering pastors and leaders in churches and parents in homes, and helping them raise next generation disciples.

Send your GCN donation to International Christian Mission Services

and you will receive an official charitable donation receipt from them by the end of next February.