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About Project Jesus For Children

Establishes relationships with educational authorities that lead to teaching the life of Jesus in their schools.
Trains teachers to use the material in their classrooms during school hours.
Provides educational material based on the life of Jesus and Christian values.
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Stories From The Trenches

School Children

Violence To Values

A third grade teacher in the center of El Salvador had a very difficult group. They were vulgar and violent by adult standards. She could barely teach them anything. Then they started studying the student books and their behavior has changed. She says that they have done a 360 and are now showing more of Jesus love each day. The principal is excited to see how the parents (prostitutes and market workers) will slowly change as their children bring home the Word of God.

School Children

Thank You For Bringing Jesus To Me!

Last week, a project worker was helping a teacher with her third-grade class, using the value of sincerity that is based on Jesus’ sermon on the mount. As he was working with the kids, he noticed one boy who didn’t participate nor answer any questions. He didn’t have a book. The teacher explained that as he was Muslim hadn’t learned of Jesus. Then the little boy came up and asked if he had an extra book. He gave him one and he was so happy, coloring and working in his book. At the end of the class, he came to the worker and gave him a big hug, saying, “”Thank you for bringing Jesus to me!”.

School Children

Vital Values With Jesus - More Books Needed!

Project Jesus For Children produces educational material that is based on the life of Jesus then distributes it to public schools. This year 2 million children are using these lessons in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Bolivia. These books have been approved as curriculum by the Ministries of Education in these countries.

A top education authority in one country wrote "We want every child in our country to have a book each year as it is our way of fulfilling the Great Commission."

3.1 million Vital Values With Jesus were printed in November 2022. We prayed for more schools to request copies of this book for their students so the Gospel goes far and wide in Latin America, raising these young children in the Lord as future godly leaders for their countries.

School Children

Jesus Books

“Today we do our Jesus books” is the most frequently heard sentence in this class room. The teacher says that, “the material has been a great help and the children love do the lessons.”

School Children

School Elections

Alba teaches school in Tuma La Dalia and relates the story of one of her students, Alberto, who participated in the school elections. In his speech up front he stated that one thing that meant a lot to him is the lesson from Vital Values with Jesus on peace and that they need to put that value into practice to have a better society. His dad told the teacher that Vital Values with Jesus has caused many changes in his son.

School Children

Jesus Is Always With Me

Snayder, who attends school in Ocotal, comes from a home with social problems and where he is mistreated. When they started the VV books he said he didn’t believe in Jesus because Jesus didn’t look after him. But after a while he changed and now recognizes that Jesus is always with him.

TV Presentation

National TV

Yesterday afternoon our co-worker Deylin went to the national television station to ask them to televise the Jesus film for Children nationally for the schools. When the director of the studio heard about the project, he asked her to be interviewed live, on the spot, passing her to the front of the line of those waiting. Not only does the TV station want to coordinate with us as to the best time for the showing of the Jesus film, but also to have Deylin come back and give a series of training sessions for the material, enabling us to reach the teachers in a multiplying effect on the national government channel. A HUGE miracle!

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Ways To Help

Pray For Project Jesus For Children

The Holy Spirit continue to work in the hearts of these children, that there is strong transformation in their lives, as they turn around in their behaviour, and parents, teachers and education authorities stand amazed at the work of God, impacting communities and the nations

More schools and children and more nations in Latin America will want to use Vital values with Jesus to teach their children

More generosity, more funds to be raised to print more copies of Vital Values with Jesus; more drivers, more support workers volunteering to be involved in the distribution of these books to the schools

Support Project Jesus For Children

Many will see the marvellous work the Lord is doing in Latin America and will step forward to support PJFC

More prayer partners to be involved, more financial partners and more field workers to help out with the distribution with the books to the schools

See a greater financial generosity from the Christian communities

Sign Up For A Vision Trip

EE Global Ministries also plans and coordinates PJFC Vision Trips (VT) to various PJFC fields in Latin America. The first VT will be to Nicaragua, Honduras and Colombia WATCH HERE

Contact Siang Chiang by email HERE or by phone, 604 726 2010, to know about this VT, including future ones.


Building A Partnership

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How Do We Do This?

Project Jesus for Children meets with a leader in the Ministry of Education twice a year, providing them with reports and creating/maintaining a friendship and government permission. Our ultimate goal in each country is to help the Ministry of Education distribute and use our material in the classroom. The Project Jesus workers also train and motivate the regional supervisors.

We present and distribute the material to the teachers during the first 3 months of the school year, training them how to use it. Then we contact them mid-way through the year for follow-up, giving them help in the use of the material. At the end of the year we do a survey on their use of the material and receive testimonies of lives changed. Students now study math, writing, reading AND Jesus!


EE Global Ministries fundraises on behalf of Project Jesus For Children as their ministry grows.

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