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EE Global Ministries Connects Passionate Donors With Global Partners Spreading God's Love And Salvation Around The World

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"There is potential in your life and God wants you to develop that potential to the fullest degree. We would like to help you do that."

Ted Hilton, Founder, EE Global Ministries


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Global Children's Network Logo
Global Children's Network

Global Children's Network (GCN) empowers churches and parents around the world to lead the next generation of disciples through their premiere ministry platforms, Malachi Kids Club and Malachi Family Club.

GCN provides an extensive library of multilingual digital resources for pastors, parents, and church volunteers to grow the children as spiritual leaders, in both the church and the home.

OM Ships Logo
OM Ships

OM Ships International is a non-denominational Christian organization dedicated to sharing knowledge, help, and hope in the world’s port cities, through both their ships, Logos Hope and Doulos Hope.

Its floating book fair of over 5,000 titles brings educational and Christian literature to the farthest reaches of the earth, empowering people with knowledge.

Dusty Sandals Logo
Dusty Sandals

Dusty Sandals is working with a variety of Indian partners to produce Study Bibles and other Biblical Resources in the 12 major languages and 455 other living languages in India.

Other projects include providing water to remote villages in Nepal, schooling for disadvantaged children in India, providing life skills training for young people and undertaking community development in India and Nepal.